Chan Optometry offers eye exams and other optometry services across Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Stouffville, New Market, North York and Scarborough.

So, what exactly is a comprehensive eye examination, and what is included?

  • Corrected or Uncorrected Visual Acuities
  • Confrontational Visual Fields
  • Pupillary Assessment
  • Extra-ocular Muscles Mobility Assessment
  • Refraction at Distance
  • Tear Film/Dry Eyes Assessment
  • Tonometry
  • Assessment of the Anterior Segment of the Eyes
  • Dilated Fundus Examination – Assessment of the Posterior Segment of the Eyes

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The above are tests that we would do on the vast majority of our patients. Depending on each individual’s needs and symptoms however, there will be additional tests done with the doctor’s discretion, listed below.

These tests will also be included in the initial examination fee.

  • Colour Vision Assessment
  • Stereo (3D) Vision Assessment
  • Initial Binocular Vision Assessment
  • Refraction at Near

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