Toronto Ophthalmology Recommendation Index ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐Half a pill

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⛳️There are two doctors in the clinic. If it is your first time to see a doctor, if there is no requirement, the doctor should be randomly assigned.

⛳️Dr. Zhang is younger, very nice, and the children like him very much, but the work pace is very fast. The two children finished checking in 30 minutes, but they felt they didn’t have enough fun😀.

⛳️Process: [1]Make an appointment online, fill in personal information, and ideal time for medical treatment.[2]The front desk will call to confirm the time within a short time.[3]On the day of medical treatment, bring your health card. [4]Do a preliminary test at the front desk. [5]Doctor’s examination. The doctor will inform you about the overall condition of the glasses and provide some rational suggestions.[6]Determine the next appointment time (one year later)

⛳️tips: 1 Fill in the information online in advance to avoid the clinic's failure to fill in the time. 2. Be sure to make good use of children's vision examination once a year. More than once will need to be paid for at your own expense.

⛳️As a child who has been taking online classes for two and a half years, my glasses are still within the normal range. Daily eye hygiene, maintenance and health care are indispensable.

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