Top Five Things To Consider When Looking for An Optometrist

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Though we rely on our eyes for so much in our lives, the importance of eye care is often underrated. We fail to recognize the early symptoms of eye problems which result in getting our eyes checked only after their conditions worsen.   

To prevent your eyesight from getting worse, it’s essential to have regular eye check-ups carried out by an optometrist. Based on a series of vision tests, they will analyze the results and diagnose problems like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (nearsightedness and farsightedness) and diseases such as glaucoma (caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye). Early detection may reduce the effects of eye-related issues.

The question most people ask is “How do I find an optometrist that I can trust?” While research is one part of the answer, the other part of the solution can be found by looking at these five aspects listed below. This list of the top five things to look for will help you find an eye doctor who’s right for you.

1. Credentials.
There is a wide range of specializations in the eye world that many people may be unaware of. For example, binocular vision and vision therapy, myopic control, orthokeratology (the fitting of specially designed gas permeable lenses that are worn overnight), and specialty contact lenses (like scleral lenses which are ocular lenses that rest on the sclera creating a tear-filled vault over the cornea), low vision, and dry eye clinics just to name a few. You need to find an optometrist who specializes in handling your eye conditions. Always check the credentials of the optometrist you select who can help you get the best possible treatment for your eyes.

2. Personality.
Considering that this will be a long-term connection, you need to get a doctor you can trust and get along well with. While it is a good idea to look for the smartest doctor who can diagnose, treat, and hopefully prevent all your current and future issues you should choose one with a pleasant personality and the ability to help you relax while you’re getting your treatment done.

3. Medical Equipment.
Without proper medical equipment, an eye doctor will not be able to give their patients an accurate diagnosis. It is both beneficial and necessary to have state of the art equipment when it comes to diagnosing and managing of eye diseases.

For example, visual field machines (ones that test your peripheral or side vision) are imperative for assessing a patient’s driving ability and are necessary for those who fail the vision screening at the Ministry of Transportation. If the office does not have the particular equipment required, they may refer you to see another office to get the procedure done. Typically these types of equipment are quite expensive for the practice and could have an additional charge on top of the comprehensive eye exam fee.

4. Availability of eyeglasses and contact lenses in the office.
In the industry, we call these practices or offices ‘dispensing’. Similar to a pharmacy dispensing medicine, eyeglasses, and contact lenses are considered medical devices and are dispensed not ‘sold’ which make things very convenient for the patient, as it’s a one-stop shop. There is a trend nowadays for new optometrists to move away from dispensing practice modalities and focus mainly on the medical optometry side of things, or on a specialty.

5. Are they a participant of the Eye See Eye Learn Program?
The Eye See…Eye Learn® is a program initiated by the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) to provide complimentary eyeglasses for kids in Junior Kindergarten if they need them. Not only is it a great program to raise awareness of the need for children to get their eyes checked before they start grade school, but to prevent potential eye issues like amblyopia (lazy eye).

To learn more about Eye See…Eye Learn®please click here.  

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