Five Tips To Help You Maintain Eye Health

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As a professional eye doctor and optometrist in Markham, Richmond Hill, ON, I want to help protect and preserve your eyesight so that you can enjoy a healthy vision for a long as possible. To ensure this happens, I have put together a list of five tips to help you maintain eye health. 

Tip #1: Take more breaks
It is essential to take breaks from any prolonged concentrated task. This would allow your eyes to rest, relax, and blink more to refresh your natural tear film.

Tip #2: Eat more colorful fruits and vegetables
Spinach, kale, peppers, blueberries, blackberries are all high in eye vitamins and should be eaten as often as possible.  

Tip #3: Wear your glasses
By not wearing your glasses as advised by your optometrist, you may be forced to squint to see, causing additional and unnecessary eyestrain.

Tip #4: Follow your contact lenses cleaning and replacing regimen
Your contact lenses' cleaning regimen is for a reason - to avoid potentially sight-threatening infections. If you don’t know your contact lens cleaning and replacement regimen, give us a call or shoot us an email.

Tip #5: Get your eyes checked regularly
Checking your eyes regularly by an optometrist is the equivalent to getting a physical examination by your family doctor. It helps ensure you’re at optimal health. The only difference is that it is for your eyes!

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