Busted! Don’t Believe These Eye Health Myths!

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Eye problems are becoming more rampant in society and are leading to severe illnesses such as glaucoma, retinal disease, and even blindness. Thankfully over the past few years, an increased focus on research within the eye care industry has led to breakthroughs.

Through these scientific advancements, experts can slow down myopia progression and improve vision. Unfortunately, in the absence of consulting an expert such as an optometrist, myths surrounding eye care deter people from receiving corrective treatment.

To help you turn a blind eye to such misguided views, Chan Optometry has cut through the most widely believed myths about eye health.

Myth 1: My vision is clear, and I don’t need to see an eye doctor.
Contrary to popular belief, regular eye check-ups can identify and prevent major complications in the future. Prevention is the key to stemming future or more severe diseases, and regular eye examinations can sound the alarm bell early.

Myth 2: My kids haven’t ever complained about their vision, which means they see well and don’t need to see an eye doctor.
It is wrong! Even if your child does not complain of any problems with their vision, it is best to have regular check-ups for early detection. Medical guidelines recommend that the first eye exam should take place when the child is just six months. The 2nd eye exam should come when the child is between two and five years old, and between the ages of five to twenty, annual eye exams should be carried out. 

Myth 3: Reading in the dark causes near-sightedness.
While it’s a widely held belief that reading in the dark will cause near-sightedness, there is no sufficient scientific evidence to prove it. However, over a sustained period of reading in the dark, you will strain your eyes, which causes fatigue and eventually leads to severe headaches.

If you’re looking to steer clear of myths like these as well as others, reach out to Chan Optometry. As the best eye doctor and optometrist in Markham, Ontario, we conduct comprehensive eye exams, using the latest techniques.

Our professional optometry services include laser eye surgery consultations, contact lenses, orthokeratology lenses, myopic control treatment, and cataract management.

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